My Narcissistic Mother and Enabling Father (audio)

My breeder stole a house left to my siblings and myself in trust when I was 8, I am now 35. I finally got up the courage 2 years ago and hired a lawyer to get it back. Still to this day it is not fully transferred over and will more than likely have to go to court. I ran out of money to pay the lawyer.


I stopped by my parents house to ask for the keys to the house I own with my siblings so we I can start fixing the 2 apartments and this is what happened I have no respect for my “father” any longer he is a miserable and mean person and incapable of protecting his children. He proved that to me today. From this point on I am going full NC with them and my NH. I vow a pledge of silence and will not engage in any form of communication with them or about them. I am starting off my new year with only people who truly care about me and love me. I will not look at them with an empathic heart or work on forgiveness bc they do not deserve forgiveness. But I will forgive myself for trying for all these years and for always being the care taker. You reap what you sow and I am not letting go of my faith in karma and believing good begets ¬†good. This is my year of karmic liberation and retributions to all who brought harm to me and/or wished harm on me.


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2 thoughts on “My Narcissistic Mother and Enabling Father (audio)

  1. Sometimes you just have to let go. I used to think that giving up isn’t the right thing to do, be there are certain situations that drain you to the point of letting go, which is the best thing to do for yourself.

    • Thank you JoJo, you are right indeed. I am a double winner when it comes to codependency. My main focus right now is to just to stay focused on my recovery and separate myself from those that do not have my best interest at hand.

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